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p.s., by the way, just in case you didn't know...

the end of boring

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Peter Pan
25 July
mini-biography, eh?

i was born, and i'm currently living. and i'm living it up.
28 days, acting, adf, american dance festival, arcadia, art, art history, ballet, beauty, being, ben folds five, best friends, bill t jones/arnie zane, blue, books, broadway, cat-u, catawba college, changing the universe, changing the world, choreography, comfort, creating, creativity, dancing, deep talks, depression, designing, directing, dolce&gabbana, drama, dramatic moments, dreaming, education, excitement, fairy tale dreams, family, fight club, flirting, french horn, friends, god, governor's school, governor's school west, hollywood, hoping, imagining, individualism, individuality, insanity, intelligence, into the woods, john adams, jump little children, language, lazy susan, leave it to beaver, legos, life, listening, literature, live theatre, living, long walks, love, marching band, meaningful talks, meditation, modern art, modern dance, moulin rouge, mountains, movie star dreams, music, musical theatre, new york city, north carolina governor's school, nyc, open-mindedness, openness, passion, peace, personality, philosophy, pippin, pride, prince charming, psychology, questioning everything, questioning reality, questions, rain, reading, reckless abandon, rehearsal, relationships, rock climbing, runious blue, self interest, sensitivity, sex and the city, singing, sky diving, solitude, splender, stephen sondheim, storms, talent, talking, tatiana baganova, the american dance festival, the cradle will rock, the da vinci code, the future, the hounds of spring, the invention of love, theatre, tolerance, tom stoppard, trading spaces, trust, truth, understanding, utopia, water, wind, wisdom, with honors, words, writing

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